Parents Testimonials

Dear Alex,

I just wanted to thank you for taking care of Elisheva. For us, being so far away, [it] is very difficult, but knowing that she is happy and having a great time is worth it all….

We just received the Camp DVD today, and the whole family gathered around the computer to relive a wonderful summer with Elisheva narrating the entire time. It was a great way for all of our family to see the campsite, the very energetic staff and campers. Yasher Koach on such an exciting DVD, and we are all looking forward to the upcoming summer….

Again, thank you for everything….

Robin Shreiber

Valley Village, CA

Dear Camp Dina,

I just wanted to tell you how much Racheli loves this camp. She has been bubbling about the trips, girls, counselors, even SHIURIM for the last SEVEN hours. Thank you so much for giving her this special, unique experience. It’s been a wonderful three years!

Mrs. Debbie Botnick

Monsey, NY

Dear Mr. Alex Gold,

I just wanted to thank you for your efforts. The exuberance with which my girls greeted me yesterday was something to warm a mother’s heart.

Their enthusiasm only increased throughout the time we spent together as they regaled us with stories of what they did and what happened to them and their bunkmates since camp started.

They are each having a wonderful time and that’s what it’s all about.

Avrohom and Adeena Ratner

Brooklyn, NY

Thank you so much…. I can see now why Michali is so drawn to the camp. Her friends are terrific and I’m so glad she’s had the opportunity to bond with them in such a special way. Yasher koach to all of you for such a job well done!

Joni Krevoy

Los Angeles, CA


My daughter, Shana, had a fantastic time in Camp and loved the sports especially.

She looks forward to coming back next year….


Aaron Itzkowitz

Boynton Beach, FL

Dear Camp Dina Staff,

I just wanted to say thank you so much for giving my girls Eliana and Talia the chance to experience Camp Dina! They had a memorable 3 days and an unforgettable experience. They really enjoyed meeting new friends, they LOVED their Counselors, enjoyed the activities of camp and most of all really enjoyed the experience of Camp Dina! They came home with big smiles and lots to tell us! Iyh we are looking forward to next year!!!
Please thank any and all staff that helped make these 3 days great – chinuch, art, culinary, swim, zip line….each person my girls came in contact with left an impression and I am thankful to you for the program you run!

Chanah Reichman

Staten Island, NY

It was wonderful to see the improvements in the camp- the air conditioning in the dining room, the ice machine- things that truly affect my daughters’ comfort level and happiness.

Michael and Ellen Cohen

Kew Gardens Hills, NY

I wanted to tell you that my daughter, Tzippy Seligman, is having a FANTASTIC summer. Thank you!!!!

When I was there on Visiting Day, there were a lot of nice pictures, including the bunk pictures, on display.

Thanks again,

Channy Seligman

Hollywood, FL

Dear Camp Dina Staff:

On our way back home from visiting Day, we wanted to drop you a note of appreciation. From our very first call to Mr. Alex Gold a number of months ago, we have only had pleasant and professional experiences with Camp Dina. Camp Dina has lived up to what it was represented to be.

We find the fact that the campers come from diverse but frum households to be a positive. We recognize and appreciate the quality and high level of midos and “frumkeit” in the counselors that our daughters are with. The broad range of programming allows every child and each personality to flourish. Baruch Hashem, our daughters are not homesick, but it is apparent how well those that have issues are taken care of. In addition to the good food we’ve heard so much about and experienced, we find both the physical size and number of campers on site to be optimal.

From the mailings before camp, to the faces that greeted us on Visiting Day with information packages, it is clear and appreciated that Camp Dina’s administration is a well-oiled machine.

Sincerest appreciation,

Carol Novoseller

Montreal, Canada

Dear Camp Dina,

Reports from my girls are that they had a great time at camp once again. Thank you and thanks to your staff for helping to make that happen…

S. Berkowitz

Houston, Texas

 As the girls pull out from camp and we all reflect on this wonderful summer, Renee and I want to express our sincere Hakaras Hatov to the summer you just gave our girls who cannot wait to come back.

The ruach, chesed and the warmth that we saw this summer was unparalleled to any summer we have seen in Camp Dina over the last 6 years we have been sending our girls. Your help with setting up the celebration with Ahuva and Shimi was so appreciated but most of all the excitement we saw in our girls especially Aliza who we were able to speak with periodically as a TC on trips. This was by far in their eyes the best summer ever. You and your staff really knocked it out of the park. The events, trips chesed and shear ruach were inspiring and we are so happy to be a part of the Camp Dina family. The countdown is starting for 2018 and Ahuva and Aviva cannot wait to be there. Aliza will IYH go to Israel and for the first time she told us that she cannot wait to come back to Camp as a counselor in 2 years. Thank you again for caring for our children so well over the last 8 weeks and wishing you and your family a Kesiva Vechasima Tova. I am sure our girls will get together this year as they have but the friends they have made in Dina are truly friends for life.

Alex, thank you as well for all of your help in making Dina the best camp.

Rocky and Renee Schechter

Woodmere, NY

Dear Camp Dina,

Thank you for letting our daughter, Ilana, call home for her birthday. Also, Ilana said that her birthday cake was wonderful. It really helped to make her feel special. B”H, it’s so nice to know that Ilana is in such a warm and caring environment.

Debbie and David Schiff

Brookline, MA

Mr. Gold:

As I discussed with you during our phone conversation last week, I wanted to thank you and your staff for a wonderful first trip. My daughter, Avital Moritz, was in bunk yudgimmel. She has talked so much about how great the counselors and kids in her bunk were, how much fun she had during the activities (especially the hike during the wee hours of the morning, ending with the sunrise), and how much she enjoyed participating in the pre-Tisha B’Av performance. To see her light up as she describes her different escapades gives us such nachat.

Thanks so much,

Pam Moritz

Woodmere, NY

Daniella Fulda in bunk 14 had an amazing experience.

I can’t begin to tell you what an impact it had on her.

You run the camp extremely professional, it’s just the right frumkeit, great food, great entertainment, great staff and a great group of girls and most of all it built her self esteem and independence.

Thank you!!!!!I hope to send Daniella back many times…

Mrs. Fulda

Beit Shemesh, Israel